“Just wanted to say a big thank you for doing the conveyancing for my sale and purchase. Your service was first class and I’ll certainly recommend you.” RP in Halesowen

“We were very wary at first choosing a solicitor online and almost paid twice the price to use a local solicitor. We were anxious the process would take longer and any problems that arose would be more difficult to deal with. I can honestly say there was no need to worry at all. Your search tool was very easy to use and we will be instructing one of your solicitors with our next property.” Mr & Mrs J from Devon

“As a first time investor I wish I had used this web site a lot earlier. Before I made my first buy to let house purchase I had done my research and was sure I had the right house in the right area. I put my offer in and it was accepted. So enthusiastically I engaged a solicitor and started with searches and the whole legal process. All was going well so far, if a little slowly for my liking. After a few weeks of no news or feedback from anyone, I finally manged to get through to my solicitor, who told me that for the last fortnight the seller’s side had gone quiet, something I would like to have known a lot sooner. So I chased the seller and the estate agents, struggling to speak to anyone. Then out of the blue I am told the seller had decided to withdraw and not sell the property after all. Never mind the costs I had incurred or the time wasted, I was left high and dry. In the whole process no one had mentioned taking out exchange insurance to protect myself from just this problem, if I had known about it I would have taken it without hesitation as it’s just another cost which can eventually be set against tax. So having found a site that has the sense to inform you about insuring against costs I will now stay with them for future transactions, I just wish I had found it sooner.”
JP in Manchester

“Is conveyancing important in the buy to let process, and is it worth using specialists, well yes it is, as I found out to my cost. A flat was my target in a busy suburban area with great transport links to the city centre. It was not my first buy to let purchase so I was perhaps a little overconfident, and tried to save a few pounds by using a local firm of solicitors who perhaps had little experience with buy to let but were cheap. I intended to buy the property for cash and as it had a sitting tenant I would allow a little time to pass before re mortgaging and then using the cash released to move on to my next purchase. All went well and the property was quickly purchased and in fact the tenant was, and is a great tenant. So I moved onto the re mortgaging of the flat, and then I found that a little detail missing from the search was that the block had no management company. I found this meant that mortgage providers will simply not consider the property for a mortgage. So I remain the proud owner of a flat from which I can only get my cash back if I sell it, which simply defeats my origional purpose. So no more gambles, no more short cuts, I now use specialists like you to make sure I get the reliable and thorough service I need.”
JE in London