Protect Against Gazumping. Exchange At Time Of Offer. Ideal Solution For Buyers and Sellers. Seal The Deal.

Speed up the process to owning your next rental property. Found your ideal investment property? Then Seal the Deal. An agreement that Binds both Seller and Buyer together before exchange of contracts.


Seal Your Deal

If you are an experienced Investor or a First Time property investor you can now eliminate gazumping and use an innovative binding agreement between Seller and Buyer.
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Also hear from Gazeal’s CEO, Duncan Samuel as he discuss’ this innovative property product with Vanessa Warwick from Property Tribes in this video.

An innovative property solution

Property investors recognise the risk that comes with negotiating great property deals with a good rental yield in a place of high demand. The risk that the vendor receives a higher offer or simply decides that the property is worth more than was offered, wasting your time and effort.
Using the Gazeal solution, both the Seller and Buyer sign a pre-contract exchange agreement at the agreed selling price. The buyer can pull out if the Survey is poor or if finance is unavailable.
Note that this agreement is only suitable for chain free transactions.

Interested in using the Gazeal product?

Visit the Gazeal website and get a conveyancing quote from members of the our conveyancing panel that fully understand what Gazeal is all about. Then you simply add on £250 for the Gazeal service.

So Seal the Deal NOW!

Gazeal saves the day

According to the Treasury, Homebuyers and Investors spend £270M per annum on failed property transactions. The Gazeal agreement paves the way for change. A new legal product that brings certainty for both Buyer and Seller.

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