The Homebuyers panel offers a Customer Charter as the importance of sourcing local exceptional solicitors that manage service levels and the need for fast completions is now a basic requirement as the market continues to climb. Our customer charter detailed below sets out what we believe as being important to you the customer. No sale No fee being the primary aim since cancellations can be high.
The Homebuyers panel only includes SRA Regulated Solicitors and CLC Licensed Conveyancers.

The Customer Charter states that every member of the panel must adhere to it.

Service providers are accredited / regulated as follows:

Mortgage Advisers – regulated by the FCA

Solicitors – The Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices.


The Homebuyers panel commits to ensuring that our service providers pledge to:
Treat Customers & Colleagues Fairly
Give a Professional Service
Be Honest & Ethical
Be Accountable
Have a Team Culture
Have a Continuous Improvement Culture
Treat Customers Fairly

Homebuyer Conveyancing – supports continuous improvement in business.
Our name ensures that we implement and manage an efficient and effective process that ensures customers receive impartial advice to enable them to make informed decisions.
We carry out audits on our service providers together with a managed escalation process for these service providers so that the customer can receive exceptional service even when it doesn’t go quite to plan.
We give a Professional Service

We support our professional providers by ensuring that the charter sets out what is expected by us all.

We will:
Strive for continuous improvement
Our Customer Relationship Manager will communicate regularly.
Our Customer Relationship Manager will be the main point of call so that we can gather information relating to the Customers needs and improve our service.
We will deliver a process that satisfies our customers’ expectations and needs
Be Honest and Ethical

We will:
Be true to our word and do something if we say we will
Admit our own mistakes/errors and not blame others
Be realistic about what we can do, asking for help if time or skill is an issue
We manage capacity for the benefit of our Consumers
We won’t take short cuts- simply do it right
Be Accountable

We will:
Be committed to the task and have a sense of obligation
Be disciplined in completing and delivering the task by the agreed deadline
Make sure that we clearly understand what is expected of us and what results are required
Know that we have the capability to achieve the result
Have a Team Culture

A problem shared is a problem solved.

We will:
Be approachable as a Panel that works as a team
Actively complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses
Communicate in the most relevant method; face-to-face where possible
Take time to understand each others roles and accountabilities
Enjoy the opportunity that a team approach will bring
Have a Continuous Improvement Culture

We will:
Assess our own Panel training needs and undertake the required development
Ensure that the people within our panel has the right skills to do the job
Encourage our staff to have the desire to learn new skills.
Share our learning and expertise and celebrate our improvements
Use specific measures so that we can support the panel in change